rwby tumblt. The blade stuck out of your back, dripping your red essence. This article is about the version of the character in the RWBY Chibi spinoff comedy series. JNPR fan comic project is a fan work base on the original creation by Monty Oum "RWBY". arryn zech and mae whitman both tweeting about the red vault crossword… sapphic cartoon swifties really never lose. This is the main blog of the squiggle meister known as LittleMissSquiggles or simply Squiggles for short. LWA and She ra — The hypocrisy of the hatedom of RWBY and. [r1] I Burn - RWBY (tanino) [r1] I’ll Be - Edwain McCain (Zurakotaro) [r1] Let It Go - Idina Mezel/Demi Lovato (tanino) [r1] Love is an Open Door - Frozen (Kyandoru) [r1] Lost Time Memory - Mekakucity Actors [r1] Mabinogi: The Cursed Labyrinth/Halloween 2013 (Kyalliara) [r1] Needle Man’s Theme - …. RWBY Scenarios and Headcanons. She won’t admit that she is screwed but she is screwed. RWBY: Multiverse Theater Chapter 1, a rwby fanfic | FanFiction. Hope you’re all doing well and had a blast watching Vol5 of RWBY and are enjoying the new RWBY Chibi skits. fanart taking commisions open commissions art commisions commissions commission digital art art character art character design hunter toh hunter toh hunter. Jealous RWBY (Knightshade). Summary: A compilation of all my asks from Tumblr. How would Team RWBY react to their s/o going — RWBY. We decided that Clover’s birthday is February 29th (leap year), so, to celebrate, we’ve got a little art and ficlet to share with y’all to. halflingkima reblogged this from beanynne. (Mod: A quick special post for hitting 2600+ followers. *Sequel to RWBY Grand Prix, taking place 5 years later. mob, mob! jealouscartoonist jealouscartoonist. filed under: RWBY, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, otp: bumblebee, I don't understand the reference but my Bees look beautiful so, Where are you looking Blake lmao,. Cuddles are such a rarity in the relationship, she’s a busy person having to do so much planning. Army Special Forces) Within hours of the cowardly attacks of September 11, 2001, America’s Special Operations Forces were called to action, formulating an unconventional warfare response to the acts of terrorism inflicted on our country. The Creatures of Grimm, or also simply known as Grimm, are major antagonists in the animated webseries RWBY. He doesn’t have really clear memories of her. At least touches that have emotions or meanings behind them. RWBY Ship Drabbles (inspired by Tumblr Ship Prompts. Tumblr by CyberSamurai270 on DeviantArt. com/post/190824294332/vacuo-reunion-ideal-scenario-happy-hearts-day “Vacuo Reunion: Ideal scenario”. See a recent post on Tumblr from @yangfanbb about rwby. Like us on Facebook! Pin Tweet. The show has been appreciated by viewers from all over the world and it. Links can be found under navigation. #rwby #rwby headcanon #rwby imagines #rwby x reader #winter schnee x reader #cinder fall x reader #elm Ederne x reader #sienna Khan x reader More you might like. I want to make a fanfic of them cause I've put so much work and passion into them. RWBY [ Yang Xiao Long Icons ] *Updated* [ Like or reblog when used ] [ Preview ] Posted 4 years ago with 139 notes Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 — 3:41PM. He wouldn’t be surprised if he had siblings the didn’t know about because of her. LGBT headcanons: Ruby is Aromantic Asexual, Weiss is an asexual lesbian, Blake is a panromantic demisexual, and Yang is bisexual. RWBY Shipping Chart Public/RWBY Shipchart. Doesn’t mean it’s completely gone though and now I’m going to tackle the point that people started to really have problems with RWBY: the. Pre-orders are almost here! “BLACK ROSES – A Ladybug Zine” will be opening pre-orders on February 1st, 2022, featuring artwork from 9 incredible artists, writing from 4 amazing authors, and …. See, that’s what the app is perfect for. She thinks that it gives a nice pop like her personality. This blog is an art archive, and I try my best to spread some positivity around the fandom! Sometimes I'll post my writing, theories and opinions about the show and much more! (lots of bees)everyone here is welcome!!. Things you definitely heard in RWBY — Submit a quote. Adds the armor set Pyrrha Nikos wears in the Rooster Teeth show RWBY. RWBY/Justice League introduces fans of manga and …. ngl the slowburn aspect of a ship will always be the most fun part for me. Has a Tumblr RP blog shared with Eimear at EimearandWisteria. I remember when he first pitched his idea for RWBY to me, all I could think was, “this is so ambitious, this would take forever and take so many resources to accomplish. Adam and Yang telling Aurora about what she can or can't do at a party. Originally posted by knightofcerebus. RWBY Height Chart Volume 7 (2nd. If your are part of Salems faction, Cinder is a lot more open with you. The Ozmosis is Upon Us! Yes that's a Starkid reference. So by joining together in their grief, with a goal to strive towards, maybe they can pick up the pieces and keep …. RWBY: The Snap, a rwby fanfic. Earlier today, as part of DC’s solicitations material for April 2021 titles, the publisher announced an upcoming crossover between the heroes of the Justice League and Team RWBY, to be written by Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by Aneke. If my post in the search isn't obvious enough, I hate the rwde tag on Tumblr. Things you definitely heard in RWBY — Ask me anything. -While she won’t physically reprehend them for using it, she won’t exactly be. Why is the Tumblr RWBY Fandom. tags » #matpat voice: but hey thats JUST a theory #a game - wait nvm #well sorta bc i mentioned grimm eclipse #so technically this is a game theory #rwby #rwby volume 5 #rwby5 #salem #salem rwby #ozpin #professor ozpin #ozpin rwby #wizard rwby #rwby theory #rwby analysis #rwby meta #Rooster Teeth #rt #rtah #rwby grimm eclipse #grimm eclipse #. Oh gosh I’m so nervous and excited at the same time. The young reaper was still 19, and despite acting shockingly mature on the battlefield, she …. #neopolitian (rwby) #neopolitan #rwby v8 #rwby #rwby vol8 #rwby volume 8 #rwby spoilers #rwby memes #my gif post #tumblr girl #icons #ruby rose #rooster teeth #web series #gif pack #gif #gifs #neopolitan rwby #her green eyeshadow reminds me of mint ice cream. The RWBY characters, probably. Don’t you worry about the dark, I will light up the night with the love in my heart. RWBY Volume 2: Opening Titles Animation. If you’ve ever heard of Nekomimi, it’s kind of like that, but with a veriety of animals, like cats, dogs, monkeys, bulls, even some kinds of fish and insects. Welcome to the official White Rose Week blog! This blog is for the week-long celebratory event dedicated to Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee from the series RWBY! The event should take place June 10th -. Tries to be a better person for you (aw). Like the stubbornness that woman has?? Big top. Interests: monsters and maidens, enemies-to-lovers, lady villainesses up to no good, Cinder Fall, Knightfall (Cinder/Jaune), RWBY, redemption arcs, and stories like poetry, they rhyme. I was given these asks, and I have done all I could to make them the best they could be. Commission of Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee (RWBY,. Four high school-aged girls—Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long— attend Beacon Academy, where they learn to fight the Grimm, monsters that threaten their world, using magical technology based on a mysterious substance called Dust. Qrow placed his glass in the sink carefully, giving the task his full attention so he didn’t have to spare as much toward Tai. A blog dedicated to chat posts involving the characters from the wonderful world of RWBY. funny story but currently we have a 150k+ army of russians all over the ukrainian borders, as well as an ongoing shelling from uncontrolled territories that has been averaging more than 1000 strikes daily. princecharmingtobe: Alright, with some help from a friend I think I’ve got the basics of my RWBY OCs down :3. Pathetically shaking her hips just to feel a modicum of pleasure while everyone on the subway stares in disgust. RWBY Volume 7 Crew Commentary Notes!. Word count: 1700 ish Info: AU where Penny and Ruby are dating in college, they met because they’re both engineering majors. And while we can't erase the things that we've done, we can take steps towards bettering ourselves and easing the pain. rwby rwby au winter schnee cinder fall cinwin snowfall. RWBY CRTQ Sideblog because people who follow my main RWBY blog keep posting things that imply critiquing the show in any way is inherently in "bad faith. Unfortunately Tumblr tags have the bad habit where some keywords meant posts would appear in other tags, its why you'll often see people talking …. Summary: A collection of my RWBY smut after my first blog got deleted. Play as Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang in this character-driven adventure. Drew was raised by a bronze-purple pair in the city, being their delivery boy and notable on the skating scene around the area. As a Huntress, it is Blake's job to fight off the Creatures of Grimm, monsters. The stupidest thing I did was watch Ruby try to fit ten cookies in her mouth. Ya know, it’d be nice of someone actually made some RWBY CC for The Sims 4. I think he mastered the practical spells in the lexicon and then acquainted himself with the core components of each element’s language so he can recombine on the fly as needed. RWBY: Egos Editon au welcome to the RWBY: Egos Edition blog where you can find out all you need to know about the au this is an alternete universe that crossover the egos from both mark and jack into the world of remnant from …. Ask my OCs/PCs: Wood Elf Ranger, Water Genasi Warlock, Drow Seeker, Human Bard. Chapter 100: Beacon Baseball Ballbusting Summary: Beacon was having it first annual baseball tournament soon and with that Ruby want them to have practice. RWBY Chibi: Binge the full series!. Out of the top 25 posts (excluding the one I made and the one I was mentioned in), the rwde tag. Oc Female Inventor Reader x RWBY Harem. [blog runner always forgets to move back to her personal when she’s on mobile because the tumblr app is dumb] Reblog - Posted 8 years ago with 1 note. rwby team rwby ruby rose weiss schnee blake belladonna yang xiao long rwby imagine rwby imagines rwby x. A flip of the wrist and a deep ebony hue surrounded the sisters. His hair is styled that way to hide it as, before they accepted Faunus, Beacon refused to allow Faunus to become a student or professor, and as a child he learnt Faunus were inferior. Tumblr is 500 million different blogs, filled with literally whatever. toooldforfandom liveblogs. She doesn't like the flowery really girly scents that other girls (we're looking at you Weiss) tend to enjoy. Qrow also knows what’s going on though. I Suddenly Dont Understand Anything. *He doesn’t mind that you are quiet, since he isn’t the most loudest person in the …. Taiyang and Summer from RWBY taking care of Yang while Summer is pregnant. From what I have seen of them, they seem very similar so I was wondering what the differences are. Season 2 Volume 6 Chapter 6 - 165 notes. horikawaraiko: my hand slipped. S/o gestured to Glynda to move further away so they could talk. RBY drop like flies off the edge of the walkways to certain death Cinder is there straight out of his nightmares and now another red-haired green-eyed Maiden is dying because of him And he can't heal her to let her keep fighting He can't help her He has to make the big call And suddenly he drops from cloud nine straight to rock bottom. ^ Become a patron on my Patreon and get access to exclusive weekly sketches and behind the scenes requests and timelapse videos!. “Zombies don’t break glass like that, these guys are alive and trying to cause trouble. I just wanted to say that I really like your art-style and all the pictures you made. The rwde tag on Tumblr officially sucks. Ruby In A Snuggie — RWBY Volume Six. It's been a busy year for RWBY --even though we're only halfway through February--but it's about to. Sort of shielding you from everything. Nah I’ll try to draw them more I miss them :’) This is kinda shitty tho bc its just a doodle. The Rwby Fan With The Biggest Badonkers #BLM. Icon Credit: @lieutriver 2 months ago (715 notes) saucytango: Mothman Sock Plush! It’s been a while since I’ve done mothman monday and I missed yesterday because of work so I thought I’d make a tutorial on how to make your own mothman sock plush!. It’s members include Aak Kahn, a distant relative of Sienna Kahn, Paco Taurus, the self-proclaimed grandson of Adam Taurus, and Choco, Vanilla, and Berry, the daughters of a former crime boss. Your relationship is a secret at first. The Sky Is Falling Rwby Wiki Fandom. Trauma healing involves grieving, and grief comes stages. Episodes of the series provide information on specific subjects within the RWBY universe, with narrative exposition accompanied by illustrative visuals. The thought of you running off because of things she's done is one of her biggest fears in the relationship. Hey Peeps! — Ballroom Dolts. rwby-texting: dangxiaolong sent: Can you guys do some sephora (romanxblake) for codyknight22? Hope this works! They got together even though Roman never changed the way he did his horrible eyeliner. “It’s the biggest dick on Remnant! And it’s still growing…”. I will burn like the sun, I will keep you safe and warm. Out of the Loop: what´s with RWBY, Critics and Tumblr.